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Basic Self Defense 10/16/2021 Saturday 10am-1pm

$35.00 Ex Tax: $35.00

Course Overview- Discuss use of force laws, situational awareness, and alert-levels. Discuss what they have heard to do, and if they work. Great emphasis on practice practice practice....reading does not mean you can do under stress.  Basic blocks, punches and kicks and escape moves. Use of pressure points. Use of simple items for self defense (kubaton key chain, metal writing pens, keys, pepper sprays, etc). Relay the importance of flight to live, not worry about hurting the attacker. Defense against knives and firearms. Discussion of after an attack. 




During the course participants will be working with a partner practicing techniques. We will have students sign a waiver for injury, basically so particpants realize they might get a bruise. We ask that everyone use utmost care so injuries do not happen. 




Instructor Background: Police officer in various capacities for 26 years, with annual use of force and self defense training. FAA and DHS/TSA approved Flight Crew Self Defense Instructor after 9/11 for Champion Airlines. 27 years as an FAA licensed aviation instructor, teaching in classrooms and in the plane. 6 years as an approved police course instructor in 4 states. (taught over 1000 police and fire).